Men in mind

Stepper Eyewear takes classic style elements and boosts comfort with new technology and materials for a thin and light ophthalmic frame

Stepper Eyewear has launched a new ophthalmic frame for men

Stepper Eyewear has launched a new ophthalmic frame for men, taking classic elements from the past and applying new technology and hi-tech materials for ‘eyewear that can be worn by any man,’ according to the company.

For the new men’s frame ‘SI-20042’ (pictured), the company has used an archetypal plastic front and has added the latest developments in polymer materials and injection moulding processes to produce a thin profile rim.

Managing director of Stepper (UK), Peter Reeve, explained: “Most men are looking for reliable, robust and understated frames that do the job with the minimum of fuss.

“They want to look good, but don’t want to look as if they’ve tried too hard to achieve this. Therefore the simple sartorial look of the front, with an in-built anatomical Stepper bridge, is joined to ultra-light and flexible beta-titanium sides. These sides feature subtle ‘leather’ etching detail.”

The new model weighs 5g and the colours are designed to suit any outfit. The frame is offered in ‘sherry,’ ‘smoke’ and blue fronts, embellished with toning beta-titanium sides.

“If you’re looking for a contemporary men’s sartorial frame, we believe the ‘SI-20042’ has it all,” Mr Reeve concluded.

For more information, visit the company’s website.