Going green for 2017

Ogi Eyewear launches new ophthalmic frames in the Pantone ‘colour of the year’

22 Dec 2016 by Robina Moss

With the Pantone colour corporation declaring ‘Greenery’ as the colour of the year for 2017, Ogi Eyewear has launched three new styles – the ‘4319,’ ‘7154’ and ‘9220’ – that feature the colour.

Ogi Eyewear, which prides itself on developing original ophthalmic frames that are in step with the season’s most important trends, highlights that ‘Greenery’ is described as a zesty shade of yellow and green that is evocative of spring foliage.

The ‘7154’ (pictured) in colour ‘1788 tortoise and lime green’ enters the spotlight of the company’s Heritage Collection. The range of optical frames is predominantly suited to customers with petite facial features.

The feminine cat’s-eye style features triple-laminated acetate that pairs versatile tortoise with a bright interior colour, including ‘Greenery.’

Fashion’s retro vibe is incorporated into the range through vintage-inspired detailing, a duo of working rivets and a bookish, keyhole bridge.

The ‘4319’ in colour ‘1959 sable’ is a new arrival to the Evolution Collection. Cut from a single block of sturdy stainless steel in Italy, the combination model is equipped with sides that were crafted from a sheet of premium acetate, and polished by hand. The striking silhouette has accents in a shade of ‘Greenery.’

The Evolution Collection’s ‘9220’ in ‘Greenery’-inspired colour ‘1978 Amazon Queen’ is influenced by the ever popular original cat’s-eye shape.

The new feline-inspired style has been handcrafted from three layers of premium acetate, and features sporty, dual-stripe detailing.

Ogi Eyewear counter cards and point-of-sale logo blocks are available upon request.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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