Presenting the President

Oliver Goldsmith donates limited-edition 90th anniversary frames to the British Optical Association Museum

06 Nov 2016 by Emily McCormick

Oliver Goldsmith has donated a pair of limited-edition spectacles marking the 90th anniversary of the British eyewear company of the same name to the British Optical Association Museum.

Mr Goldsmith presented museum curator, Neil Handley, with number 90 of the limited edition ‘President’ frames, while the eyewear designer will keep number 1 of the 90 frames produced himself.

Speaking to OT, Oliver Goldsmith said he donated the 90th President frame to the British Optical Association Museum because: “I want it to be available to future optical professionals, allowing them to see and learn about what Oliver Goldsmith is and was.”

Opticians around the world have snapped up nearly all pairs of the limited-edition frame, with just eight pieces left.

Speaking about the donation, Mr Handley added: “The latest donation from Mr Goldsmith is already proudly on display in the museum and joins around 4000 pairs of spectacles that we have. The company plays a significant part in the story of British eyewear and we are grateful to Mr Goldsmith for this latest donation.”

Mr Handley added: “Through our vast spectacles collection, not all of which is on display, we can share the history of 20th century eyewear through design, fashion and functional eyewear that sits alongside each other.”

Located at the College of Optometrists’ headquarters in London, the museum was founded in 1901. Today it contains more than 25,000 items, 4000 of which are spectacles. 


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