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Driving in new lenses

Rodenstock has its eyes on Road as it targets motorists

Rodenstock Road lenses

Rodenstock has launched its new Road spectacles lenses for drivers this month.

Explaining the reason behind the launch, Rodenstock lens product manager, Debbie Bathgate, said: “From the speedometer to the rear-view mirror, then a glance ahead and back to the Sat Nav – a driver's eyes are principally challenged in medium and long distances. Therefore, Rodenstock Road lenses provide particularly wide visual zones, which have been optimised to these rapid changes of focus.”

Ms Bathgate added: “Optimally overlapping visual zones for the right and left eye support spatial vision and simplify the estimation of distances, for example when overtaking or parking.”

In addition, the company has launched a new multi-functional coating, Solitaire Protect Road 2, which is a combination of a premium antireflection coating and a light 12% filter tint.

“It minimises reflections on the back side of the lens and unpleasant headlight glare, ensuring high-contrast vision during the day as well,” said Ms Bathgate.

The company is highlighting that its patented Eye Lens Technology, particularly DNEye, makes a major difference when driving at night.

“When the pupils dilate in darkness, the high order aberrations have the strongest effect on the visual system. The pupil-optimised correction is a standard feature that provides better vision in the darkness,” explained Ms Bathgate.

Rodenstock Road lenses not only improve vision behind the wheel, they can also be used as everyday spectacles, the company says. They are available as single vision lenses, as well as progressive lenses, in the Rodenstock Excellence and Rodenstock Perfection quality categories.

The launch of Rodenstock Road lenses is supported with practice materials including a new ‘Road Module’ for the successful Virtual Consulting app. Point-of-sale materials, including a video, can be ordered from Rodenstock’s marketing team.

For more information, visit the Rodenstock website.