New animation puts focus on evolution of the eye

Essilor film warns of risks of the modern environment including UV light, nutrition, blue-violet light and computer eye strain

01 Sep 2016 by Robina Moss

Essilor has created a new, animated video that explains the evolution of the eye.

Narrated by science teacher, writer and film-maker Alom Shaha, the video describes the eye’s evolution by looking at several examples within the animal kingdom.

The film guides the viewer through the differences in evolution from single-celled organisms with the most basic of light receptors, to the clear and focused vision of humans.

The video explains how each eye component could be evidence of incremental steps in evolution. It also seeks to debunk the concept of ‘irreducible complexity’ – the argument that the eye did not evolve but rather that it was ‘designed,’ and that it cannot function without each of its individual components.

Essilor is highlighting that with recent technological advances, the evolution of the eye is potentially going to struggle to keep up and provide enough protection from new risks and dangers.

The company is warning that it is vital to take extra care with modern environmental shifts associated with UV light, blue-violet light, nutrition and fitness, as well as eye strain from staring at computer screens for long periods of time.

Essilor has listed the top modern dangers below the video along with tips on how people can protect against them. 


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