Eyespace emphasises opportunities of the mature market

Frame supplier encourages independent practices to embrace the changing attitudes towards 60-plus fashion

30 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Eyespace is highlighting that an addition to its new Louis Marcel acetate collection of frames has been created with the ‘fashion-forward’ mature woman in mind.

The company emphasises that between 2015–20, the UK population aged 65 and over is expected to increase by 12%, a total of 1.1 million, and the number of centenarians by 40%.

The company believes that although the longer life expectancy looks set to be one of challenges of this century, it provides the optical industry with significant opportunities to re-invent the mature market offering.

The new style ‘LM1500’ has been designed by Eyespace with this in mind. The ophthalmic frame features a highly wearable eye shape for a mature patient and is enhanced by sparkling designer-inspired diamanté side details.

The new frame is offered in two luxury finishes – tri-laminate ‘C1’ is black, white and mint, and ‘C2’ has been created to flatter the complexion in tortoiseshell with pearlised mink sides.

Explaining the changes in the market, Eyespace marketing manager, Nicky Clement, told OT: “This year saw the premiere of Fifty Plus Fashion Week in London, proof that where fashion is concerned, age has become inconsequential – it’s about what you wear and how you wear it.

“The ‘Baby Boomer’ generation has used fashion for self-expression all their lives and aren’t about to stop now they’re retiring.”

The company’s design team has reshaped the Eyespace portfolio, keeping the increasingly ‘young-of-mind’ in its sights and delivering more contemporary and lightweight frames into practices for their 60-plus customers.

Ms Clement said: “Opticians are looking to our designers to deliver eyewear that sits in line with the renewed fashion-aware outlook – classic enough to be age-appropriate, but staying clear of classic grannyish character.”

Eyespace head of product development, Emily Shepherd, said: “From your 30s the skin loses approximately 1% collagen per year, so by retirement age the skin is sensitive, delicate and thin, with bruising a common problem for elderly patients.

“The older generation is much more likely to be continuously wearing their spectacles, so their purchase will be highly considered,” she added.

“Aside from selecting an eye size and shape compatible for their lens needs, fit, comfort and frame strength are a high priority, and it’s important that the bridge sits well so that it doesn’t cause undue pressure on the skin.

“For the greatest wearer comfort, we opt for resilient, featherlight and premium- quality materials, such as titanium and lightweight acetates, which reassure patients both on fashion and fit.”

Ms Shepherd concluded: “When it comes to styling, the older frame wearer is traditionally not ostentatious, often opting for discerning, complexion-flattering tones and minimal detailing.

“With the move to a more fashion-forward audience, we have extended our classic offering, incorporating more vibrant, retro touches to subtly reflect the current trends and stunning designer-led details that enhance the quality of each piece, delivering a youth-enhancing effect on the appearance.”

For more information, visit the company’s website or call 0152 787 0550.


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