New ophthalmic lenses designed for the world of work

Zeiss Office lenses feature new technology that enables the individual working distance of the wearer to be customised

18 Aug 2016 by Robina Moss

Zeiss office lensesCarl Zeiss Vision UK has launched Zeiss Office lenses featuring new technology designed to meet the specific visual needs of patients during their working day.

Zeiss Office lenses enable the working distance of the wearer to be customised, helping them to maintain a relaxed, comfortable and natural body posture when undertaking work-related tasks.

The ‘Maximum Intermediate Distance’ (MID) technology provides the wearer with optimum vision whatever the occupational viewing situation or working distance required according to the company.

Considering varied patient requirements and improved dispensing choice, Zeiss Office lenses are available in three performance tiers – ‘Zeiss officelens Plus’ and ‘Zeiss officelens Superb’ come with a fixed MID of 100cm, 200cm or 400cm.

‘Zeiss officelens Individual’ is the top, customisable option. It has an individual MID within a range of 100cm–400cm and is tailored to the wearer’s specific needs.

In addition, the wearer's centration data, near working distance and spectacles frame dimensions are used in the design and production of the lenses.

Marketing and communications director, Peter Robertson, said: “Zeiss Office lenses help prevent visual stress in the workplace and are customised for patients’ specific visual needs while on the job.

“Unlike reading or progressive lenses, they are optimised for all required distances while working in front of a computer screen and are an ideal solution for second pair value-added dispensing.”

The company highlights that customised Office lenses also offer wearers enhanced visual performance due to advanced freeform technology. They also feature binocular balancing of the progressive zone to enable better spatial perception.

For more information, visit the Zeiss website.


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