Specsavers lab faces closure

More than 200 jobs are a risk after the multiple confirmed that a consultation on the closure of Aston Labs has begun

09 Aug 2016 by Emily McCormick

Specsavers logoA Specsavers-owned lens facility in Birmingham is facing closure, putting up to 200 jobs at risk, the multiple announced on Friday (5 August).

A consultation period has begun at Aston Labs and is based on plans to move its current workload to other sites across the UK and Europe.

Speaking about the proposed closure, Specsavers’ supply chain director, Sean Lawe, said: “Regretfully we have announced that Aston Labs, a Specsavers-owned facility providing optical lenses to stores in the UK and Ireland, is being considered for possible closure. The site in Birmingham employs 200 people, who have unfortunately been told that their current roles are at risk of redundancy.”

Mr Lawe explained that if the closure goes ahead, the dissemination lab’s workload would mean ongoing investment for the multiple to ensure that its manufacturing in the UK continued to be an efficient and cost-effective option.

He added: “We have entered a period of collective consultation with those affected in order to discuss the proposals and whether redundancies can be avoided or mitigated. If there are any job losses we will offer full redundancy packages and support, including making every effort to offer alternative employment within the wider Specsavers business.

“We recognise that this is a difficult time for those affected and are working closely with everyone involved in the proposed changes.”


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