Essilor launches new protection

Essilor brings the Eye Protect System to market to protect against UV and blue light

08 Jul 2016 by Emily McCormick

Blue lightInternational lens manufacturer Essilor has launched a new product that is designed to protect against UV and blue light.

The Eye Protect System provides protection against UV and blue-violet light, while letting ‘good’ blue-turquoise light transmit through.

Essilor managing director, Mike Kirkley, said: “We care about protecting eyes and this innovation is a further commitment to make blue-violet light and UV protection available to all. We will offer this technology as a fundamental part of our business at no extra cost, creating a new industry standard.”

From 4 July, the system has been available on Essilor’s Varilux S and Varilux E series’, as well as all of its Transitions lenses with Crizal UV.

Essilor claims that, when compared to standard AR coated lenses, Eye Protect System lenses offer three times more protection against ‘harmful’ light. Essilor professional relations manager, Andy Hepworth, explained: “Lab research has shown that blue-violet light damages retinal tissue...It is our duty to provide solutions that mean eye care professionals can offer patients protection, as well as correction, and so offer the best ophthalmic lens solutions on the market.”

The launch of the technology is supported by point-of-sale display materials, product information, marketing support and an animated video to raise awareness among patients about ‘harmful’ light.

For more information, visit the Essilor website.


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