Teen spirit for William Morris London

Signature Young Wills collection launches with company’s lightest frames for teenagers in three ‘timeless’ shapes

William Morris Young Wills' 'YW70'

William Morris London has launched its new Young Wills collection for teenagers.

Offered in bright colour palettes, each style has been designed to suit smaller face shapes.

Defined by slender silhouettes, the all new Young Wills collection is the lightest eyewear for teenagers created by William Morris London to date.

The enhancement comes from using premium HD acetate – a new super thin, light and flexible advanced material that simultaneously offers added comfort for young faces, according to the company.

The new collection has launched in three ‘timeless’ shapes – modern round eyes, classic 1950s square eyes and a modern soft female shape – giving a strong offering for the launch, according to the company.

For the signature collection, a range of colours from soft tortoiseshell through to vibrant blues and purples have been selected for the bold personalities behind them, according to William Morris London.

Pictured is the 'WMYou70' frame that is offered in lilac, black and turquoise, as well as a mix of tortoiseshell and black.

Style 'WMYou74' is the collection’s new metal release. It features stainless steel sides and silicone pads in an extra slim design.

For more information, visit the William Morris website.