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Marilyn Monroe glamour frames and sunglasses are launched by Brulimar, with limited edition styles to support charity

18 Apr 2016 by Robina Moss

Marilyn Monroe glamour frames from Brulimar OpticalBrulimar Optical Group has launched new collections of eyewear designed to capture the enduring glamour of film star Marilyn Monroe.

Through the new ophthalmic frames and sunglasses, the classic look from one of the greatest icons of the 20th century is being re-imagined for the 21st century.

The new collections are inspired by the Hollywood star’s mysterious, yet vulnerable, on-screen persona. The design of the frames and sunglasses is influenced by the at-the-time scandalous costumes the star wore in the 1959 film, Some Like It Hot, a mix of translucency and patterns.

The first frames collection ‘Optical’ features Swarovski crystal elements on feminine cat’s eye frames.

The strong metallic details are combined with hand-made mosaic patterns, providing texture and a subtle shine.

A second line of Marilyn Monroe frames, the ‘Silver Screen Collection,’ includes five styles of sunglasses.

All the frames are designed with bold retro-inspired shapes, such as a deep avant-garde square and a modern sweeping cat’s eye, to give a feminine silhouette with exaggerated proportions.

Textured metal, partnered with Swarovski crystal stones, have been added for a modern art deco theme, according to Brulimar Optical.

A limited-edition sunglasses collection ‘The Marilyn,’ has been created to honour the woman behind the movie star. In homage to her birth year, 1926, only 926 pieces will be created.

All profits will be donated to the orphanage where Marilyn Monroe lived as a child. EMQ FamiliesFirst agency, formally the Hollygrove, helps children in crisis across the United States.

The limited-edition sunglasses are available in three colours ‘noir,’ ‘silver screen’ and ‘flame.’ They are offered with Zeiss CR39 gradient lenses and are dusted with 126 Swarovski crystals.

All limited-edition frames have their item number etched in gold labelling and are packaged with a glamorous case, cleaning cloth, gold box and a booklet featuring five photographs of the star.

The Marilyn Monroe Collection was launched at Optrafair (9–11 April, Birmingham NEC).

For more information, visit the Brulimar website.


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