Future is clear for Hoya

Thirteen new rimless frames in Avantek collection successfully previewed at 100% Optical

11 Feb 2016 by Robina Moss

Future is clear for HoyaHoya is launching 13 new rimless frame styles in its Avantek collection, which is said to provide “true distortion-free and obstruction-free vision.”

An exclusive preview took place at 100% Optical (ExCeL London, 6–8 February). The new frames will not be widely available until spring/summer but could be pre-ordered at the show.

According to Hoya, other frames apply pressure to the lenses and distort the optical properties. The company is highlighting that Hoya Avantek is the first lens mounting system that is distortion-free.

The ‘distortion-free optics’ rimless frames feature a premium carbon fibre, TR-90, beta titanium or nickel titanium (memory flex), which has been specifically optimised for wearers and utilises the patented ‘Avantek Mounting System.’

After “extensive research and customer feedback,” the company has extended the frame styles made from carbon fibre and TR-90 to also include the styles ‘Female,’ ‘Nitinol’ and ‘Top-Loader.’

The ‘Female’ frame is made from beta titanium and features five colours and delicate jewel detailing.

The sculptured ‘Nitinol’ frames are suitable for both men and women. They are made from nickel titanium (memory flex) and will be offered in five colours.

The ‘Top-Loader’ design is made from beta titanium and is said by Hoya to be the most innovative of the new frames, as the mount sits across the temple rather than the sides of the lens. The new style will be available in three colours.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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