X-IDE launches bold ophthalmic style with emphasis on strong colours

Italian brand goes for high impact at Opti in Munich with new frame Tiglio

25 Jan 2016 by Robina Moss

Italian brand X-IDE has launched a colourful new ophthalmic frame, ‘Tiglio,’ which was previewed at Opti in Munich (15–17 January).

The bold shape of ‘Tiglio’ has been crafted for the consumer “who aspires to wear a unique creation, individualised by distinctive colour pairings,” according to the brand.

The new ‘Tiglio’ style features distinctive colours, enhanced by the sophisticated workmanship of the plastic material that the frame is manufactured from. Elegance and strong colour combinations are the key traits of the ‘C2,’ ‘C3’ and ‘C4’ versions of the frame.

X-IDE eyewear is produced by Italian company Immagine98 where the design team experiments, conducts research and develops its concepts.

For more information, visit the X-IDE website.


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