Claire Goldsmith shows softer side for 2016

Four slimmer styles launched in CG Legacy collection

22 Jan 2016 by Robina Moss

Four new ophthalmic frames have been launched in the CG Legacy collection, which now stands at 30 styles in six colour options.

The new styles – ‘Robinson,’ ‘Hudson,’ ‘Ellis’ and ‘Foster’ – feature traditional rivet hinges. The frames are made from high quality Mazzuchelli acetates and are handmade in Italy.

Known for its chunky acetate frames, signature colours and bevelled temples, the CG Legacy collection has recently taken on a “softer side” side to its image.

The introduction of new lighter weight frames, along with slimmed down refined combination frames, has given the collection a broader appeal and has balanced the collection out.

Managing director of Claire Goldsmith Eyewear at Oliver Goldsmith, Claire Goldsmith, explained: “I like the paradox that the new lighter aesthetic creates within the collection. I had to find ways of keeping our DNA clear and present, while skimming out over one third of the frame. Since the frame is the canvas so to speak, I had less room to make the frame stand out and that challenge was really refreshing.”

Ms Goldsmith continued: “This new direction has pushed me to think about frame design differently. The fact that I am still growing and learning after doing this for 10 years, is core to what keeps me interested.”

The past two years have seen the CG: Legacy collection evolve greatly. The British brand is relatively young but has four generations of Goldsmith learning behind it. The family-run business of Oliver Goldsmith is this year celebrating 90 years of eyewear fashion design and innovation.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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