Rodenstock creates a '60s revival in wood-look acetate

Classic rocco sunglasses launched in new material with no trees felled for the new styles

09 Dec 2015 by Robina Moss

Rodenstock’s classic sunglasses from the 1960s are back for 2016 but manufactured in new materials.

The ‘rocco by Rodenstock’ collection is now available in a wood-look acetate, “with not a single tree felled for them,” according to the company.

The ‘rocco by Rodenstock Woodlook collection’ is made up of two sunglasses.

Model ‘RR318’ is a straight-lined style, whilst rounder model ‘RR319’ offers a soft double bar and is designed to blend in smoothly with the wearer’s face shape.

The new sunglasses are promoted by the German manufacturer “individual as wood – as long-lasting as acetate.”

The two new styles are available in dark and light wood variations, but just like with wood, the grain of the acetate is unique. Rodenstock is highlighting that, unlike genuine wood, the sunglasses are not sensitive to UV radiation and humidity.

Rodenstock UK eyewear product manager, Damien Klevge, told OT: “After successfully being relaunched in 2014, the legends from the ‘60’s rocco by Rodenstock collection are now available with unusual materials in order to offer the wood look on selected models. However, not a single tree was harmed for them as they are made of wood acetate. This is as individual as wood and as long lasting as acetate.

“It is not sensitive to UV rays and humidity and is wonderfully light and adjustable in contrast to genuine wood.”

Mr Klevge added: “The metal sides on both models are particularly eye-catching. Their warm gold or brown nuances are in perfect harmony with the slightly changing and grainy wood acetate fronts. It creates a unique and tasteful combination to enhance the wearer’s individuality.”

The new sunglasses are supplied with coordinating Rodenstock SunProtect tints, and a ‘bronze mirror’ coating for the light wood round eye style, all of which provide 100% UV protection. Both styles are also glazeable with prescription lenses.

Rodenstock is supporting independent optician stockists of the collection with extensive point of sale materials, including posters, stickers and displays.

For more information, visit the Rodenstock website.


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