Joop! sunglasses launched for 2016

Coloured mirror lenses and soft shades feature in new styles from Menrad Optics

08 Dec 2015 by Robina Moss

Menrad Optics has launched the Joop! sunglasses collection for 2016 which features soft colours and distinctive shapes.

The highlights of the new range are the colour-mirrored styles, as well as design features such as metal detailing, multi-layered materials and fashionable “intense shapes.”

The signature style of the collection is the new ‘Round-Shapes’ (pictured), which have pastel frame colours accentuated with strongly toned and colour matching mirror-lenses.

The sunglasses are available in seven colours: turquoise, light blue, light grey, lilac, silver, gold and apricot.

The large shape of style ‘87198’ is designed to be feminine and colourful in salmon brown, purple and brown. The soft colours have a flattering colour gradient and strongly mirrored shades for a statement look for the summer.

Model ‘87212’ is a metal finish design available in six cream colours: grey brown, mint, apricot transparent, purple, yellow and red.

For men are the new sunglasses ‘87193,’ which feature strong structured shades of blue with mirrored lenses. For those who prefer a more classic look, the sunglasses are also offered in grey-brown or black matt.

A modern shape with an extraordinary colour design is offered in model ‘87196,’ which features a smart, tweed look. The two-coloured graphics style is available in beige/black, brown/black and green/purple.

Mirrored lenses also feature in style ‘87351,’ in ice-blue. The minimalist style is also available in dark grey silk-matt with green lenses and black silk-matt with grey lenses.

For more information, visit the Menrad website.


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