Carducci Sun collection is launched

Emporium Eyewear releases 15 new styles in South African designer brand

01 Dec 2015 by Robina Moss

Emporium Eyewear has launched its Carducci Sun Collection for 2016.

There are 15 styles in the new range, with the models ‘Carducci Sun 1044’ and ‘Carducci Sun 1042’ expected by the company to sell particularly well.

Emporium Eyewear director, Malcolm Cooperman, told OT: “As eye sizes in the women’s sunglasses market become bigger, ‘CD Sun 1044’ targets that specific market.”

Mr Cooperman added: “The real advantage of this product is that it only has a six base curve, enabling practitioners to offer their patients a fashionable product with prescription lenses at a very affordable price.”

Carducci has been a renowned designer brand in South Africa for the past 30 years. The brand was originally named after a flamboyant Italian poet, Giosue Carducci, who was known for his creative energy.

The designer brand has successfully carved out a powerful position in South Africa’s executive business circles. The clothing is said by the brand to centre around “the career man and woman who wants to express their success at the office through exquisitely tailored clothing.”

For more information, visit the Emporium Eyewear website.


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