Area98 launches new fusion collection of acetate frames

Coco Song range combines western creativity with eastern culture

18 Nov 2015 by Robina Moss

Area98 Life ColourArea98 has launched its new range of acetate ophthalmic frames called Coco Song. The fusion collection is said to be “where western creativity and eastern culture come together.”

Gemstones, silk, feathers and dried flowers play a leading part in the frames, combining uncommon elements and adding unusual combinations.

The frames have been designed by Italian eyewear company Area98 “for more eclectic personalities.”

The style of the brand stems from an imaginary journey which looks to the east and draws its inspiration from eastern culture, transforming eyewear into accessories, “no longer simple decorative items but actual jewels for showing off seductively.”

For the new collection, the brand’s typical bright colours have been joined by warm shades of beige, Havana and brown, with touches of fuchsia and blue, creating an effect of softness and light due to the silk inserted between the layers of acetate.

The ‘Life Colour’ frame (pictured above) has a squarer shape, with feathers inserted in the layers of acetate. The shiny metal hinge is designed to contrast with the shine of the coloured enamels.

Area98 Night SambaThe brand’s identity is embodied in the ‘Night Samba’ model (pictured right) which has bright shades of silk, dappled feathers and gemstones, combined with metal fretting and enamels on the sides.

Dehydrated algae are said by the company to underline the shape of the ‘Sword Ace’ frame, which has sides featuring a pyramid shape and gemstones.

The ‘Hard Speaker’ models offer floral inspirations from a Zen garden, with dried flowers which decorate the front and sides. Further embellishments include metal and gemstone details. A floral motif is also used on the front and sides of the colourful ‘You Soon’ frame which has an enamelled cross hinge.

For more information, visit the Area98 website or email


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