Six ophthalmic frames launched for women

New collection from FYSH UK is inspired by women ‘who embrace their own spirit’

16 Nov 2015 by Robina Moss

FYSH UK has launched six new ophthalmic frames aimed at women of all ages which are available from Ridgway Optical Supplies.

The FYSH UK collection is inspired by women “who embrace their own spirit, and who are dedicated to making every moment count,” according to the company.

Combining key fashion influences with leading European eyewear trends, the frames come in an array of bold colours and intricate patterns.

The new styles include ‘F-3540’ and ‘F‑3541,’ which are both made with lightweight stainless steel and decorated by laser etching techniques.

The ‘F-3540’ side designs are etched to resemble the inner workings of a butterfly wing, with spaces in between each scale to emphasise the detail. 

The new frame is offered in a colour pallet of ‘purple red,’ ‘grey teal,’ ‘burgundy white’ and ‘black gold.’

The semi-rimless frame ‘F-3541’ has sides which showcase an embroidery style laser cut out, with multiple gradient colours, ‘as if each piece is falling into the next.’ 

The new design is offered in the colours ‘teal aquamarine,’ ‘purple lavender,’ ‘black sky’ and ‘wine brick.’

For a more funky look, style ‘F-3542’ has a ribbed press pattern brow bar. The lightweight acetate frame has a tinted lace pattern embedded within the material and is available in black, ‘berry,’ ‘olive’ and purple lace.

Acetate frame ‘F-3543’ has a slim silhouette and narrow stainless steel sides. The retro-inspired ‘P3’ eye shape has slightly upturned corners and a thin keyhole bridge, for a more feminine and flattering appeal, according to the company. 

The translucent feathered acetate provides a textured look in shades of ‘jade,’ ‘rust,’ ‘grape’ and ‘coffee.’

Setting aside the more feminine tone, model ‘F-3544’ has a ‘boy meets girl’ theme according to FYSH UK. The stainless steel frame has a distinct leather inlay skin, creating a sense of toughness on a feminine shape.

The rounded rectangular frame adds a softer feel, while the monochrome outline and undulated sides are in keeping with the more masculine side.

The colour palette features more natural tones of ‘brown crocodile,’ ‘black snakeskin’ and ‘burgundy chevron.’

Style ‘F-3545’ is a stainless steel frame with the modified ‘cats-eye’ shape designed to be soft and wearable, with a mosaic-like design which flows over the brow bar and continues on to the top half of the sides.

The multi-coloured design shines in high gloss and contrasts with the matt finish of the frame. The colour palette is ‘camel,’ violet, black and ‘ocean.’  

For more information, visit the Ridgway Optical website.


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