Rodenstock launches smart single vision lens 'for the multimedia lifestyle'

‘MonoPlus 2’ lens enhanced to offer accommodative assistance for pre presbyopes

13 Nov 2015 by Robina Moss

Rodenstock launches smart single vision lensRodenstock has enhanced its single vision lens MonoPlus 2 with a P0.8 version to complement the existing P0.5 version.

Rodenstock MonoPlus 2 lenses are designed to offer accommodative assistance for pre presbyopes, “for relaxed, fatigue-free vision at near distances for the multimedia lifestyle,” according to the company.

The German manufacturer is highlighting that in the UK the average user picks up their smartphone 221 times a day and that digital media has become an integral part of daily lives, from social networking and messaging to browsing websites.

Rodenstock is highlighting that a short reading distance and frequent changes in gaze direction between smartphone and the surrounding environment requires maximum performance from the eyes.

As part of the campaign, the company stresses that in the digital age, more and more people complain of tired eyes, a lack of concentration or headache, so relaxed vision is crucial for overall wellbeing and daily performance.

Rodenstock UK lens product manager, Debbie Bathgate, said: “Rodenstock MonoPlus 2 lenses feel as comfortable as single vision lenses  thanks to a slight reading boost of +0.50 or +0.80D in the lower area of the lens, so seeing is less fatiguing and vision remains fresh for longer. ”

Rodenstock’s ‘Solitaire Protect Balance 2’ coating reflects the artificial blue light emitted by digital devices, without having any negative impact on the natural colour perception for the spectacles wearer, or on the visual impression of the lens.

Rodenstock MonoPlus 2 lenses with 'Solitaire Protect Balance 2' coating are said by the company to offer the perfect combination for natural wellbeing with balanced biorhythms.

For more information, visit the Rodenstock website.


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