Three of a kind from fashion brand Joop!

Menrad Optics launches new ophthalmic styles

06 Oct 2015 by Robina Moss

Menrad Optics has launched three new frames for autumn/winter in the Joop! Eyewear collection.

The new frames from the German fashion and cosmetics brand are designed for “whatever the occasion at work, in a café or at a cocktail party,” according to Menrad.

Joop! frame ‘81134’ is said to be the “true all-rounder,” of the new launches. The black frame has been created to go with every style of outfit and features a fashionable metal embossed logo on the arms. For those who prefer brighter colours, there is a red option and the new style is also available in dark brown Havana.

Frame ‘83208’ for women features the Joop! brand’s distinctive trademark, the cornflower, as decoration on the sides. The frame is available in three colour combinations, red brown and gold, light and dark grey, as well as pink antique and rose.

Metal frame ‘83211’ is made of steel with a brown surface finish ‘for a used look.’ The model is offered in three colours, red brown antique, grey and blue.

For more information, visit the Menrad Optics website the Menrad website.