Dunelm Optical extends Celine Dion collection

Nine new frames launches as range is updated

29 Aug 2015 by Robina Moss

Dunelm Optical has introduced nine new frames to its licensed Celine Dion range, focusing on chic detailing and feminine features.

Common themes running throughout the latest launches are more delicate profiles and subtle side detailing, in line with wider European trends. The Celine Dion logo has been omitted for the first time as interest in overt branding continues to wane.

The frames cater for the older women’s fashion market, with high joint glossy acetates on styles 'CD 7164', '7165' (pictured) and '7166', which come in a range of both traditional shades and also contemporary mottled patterns.

The new styles 'CD 3240', '3242', '3243', and '8129' styles are all contemporary supra frames, with occasional splashes of Swarovski crystals and precious stones. In the new launches, there is the full framed titanium 'CD 8130' for women who prefer a more classic silhouette.

Dunelm Optical managing director, Peter Beaumont, said: “We’ve modernised the range paying close attention to shapes and detail. The new styles retain the Celine Dion dictum of adding glamour and sophistication to an everyday look.”

For more information, visit Dunelm Optical's website.


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