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Eyespace shares its ‘behind the frames’ insight on rewriting the business rulebook

15 Jul 2015 by Robina Moss

When developing its business blueprint, the frames company Eyespace focused heavily on ways it could innovate to benefit independent practitioners.

To deliver dynamic, yet cohesive sales, the award-winning company found that the simplest evolutions for marketing and product solutions, which first-and-foremost served customers’ needs, immediately differentiated it from other industry players.

Taking advantage of its unique position of not being hindered by existing protocols, the newly fledged company found its strategy naturally modernised and enhanced the approach to commercial thinking within the practice environment.

Eyespace managing director, Jayne Abel, told OT: “We were in a unique position to rewrite the rulebook, investing fastidiously in new technical media, which we continue to educate practices with and help them realise the commercial benefits that interactive technologies bring.”

Ms Abel explained: “From highly-stylised high definition video look books that play in practice windows and on websites, to 360-degree imagery and our continually updated and inspirational behind the frames social media content, we are putting cutting-edge tools into the hands of independent opticians, enhancing their practices and keeping them at pace with the progressive High Street environment.”

Eyespace sales director, Alan Guider, added: “We have carefully aligned with complimentary suppliers such as Essilor, Seiko and the leading national prescription houses and buying groups to deliver promotions and product offerings UK-wide which keep the independent sector relevant and competitive.”

Mr Guider concluded: “The success our customers are experiencing with these initiatives continues to drive us forward and deliver to a higher standard across every area of the business.”

For more information, visit the Eyespace website.


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