Retirement at Rodenstock UK

Production manager leaves after 28 years

22 May 2015 by Robina Moss

The production manager at Rodenstock UK, David Heskett (pictured), has retired after 28 years with the lens and eyewear company.

Mr Heskett was one of the first employees of Rodenstock UK in 1987, when the company moved to its existing Kent plant. He previously worked at the Birch-Stigmat Group which manufactured frames and lenses.

Following 24 years as coating and quality manager at Rodenstock, Mr Heskett was appointed production manager in 2011, and was instrumental in delivering improved delivery performance and quality from the UK facility.

At his retirement, Mr Heslett thanked past and present colleagues and said he looked forward to spending more time with his family, and working voluntarily for local charitable organisations. He was presented with gifts from UK and German colleagues.

Mr Heskett will be replaced by Robert Kent as Rodenstock UK glazing manager. Mr Kent has worked for the company since 2002, most recently as materials and logistics manager, bringing over a decade of glazing experience to the new role.


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