Driving in lens extensions

Essilor launches Transitions XTRActive additions which are recommended for motorists

18 May 2015 by Robina Moss

Essilor has launched extensions to its ‘Transitions XTRActive’ photochromic lenses range this month, which are recommended for driving as they activate inside a car.

The ‘Transitions XTRActive’ lenses use patented advanced photochromic technology with a different formulation of photochromic dyes. The lenses are activated by visible light, as well as UV. This is said by the company to give  patients the benefit of extra protection from light and a “superior visual experience outdoors and indoors.”

Essilor’s head of marketing, Jonathan Cohen, said: “Independent practitioners are really leveraging the opportunity to present branded lenses to their patients and the great thing about the Transitions brand is that it already has a high level of consumer awareness.

“A range extension has been demanded by Essilor customers as its suitability for driving means it meets a common patient need.”
The new lenses have been released in three colours, brown, graphite green and grey, and in a range of indices ‘Orma 1.5,’ ‘Ormix 1.6’ and ‘Stylis 1.67.’

There are various designs, including single vision stock, ‘single vision SV360,’ ‘Varilux S series,’ ‘Varilux E series’ and ‘Varilux Comfort NE.’

For more information, visit the Essilor website.


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