Essilor launches sun campaign

Essilor launches nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of the sun on the eyes

26 Mar 2015 by Emily McCormick

Anticipating the public’s widespread public interest in last week’s eclipse, lens company Essilor launched a nationwide campaign to educate the public about the dangers of the sun on the eyes. 

The Eclipse Eye Health initiative focused on the dangers of exposure to UV rays, including retinal burn, cell damage, and temporary or permanent blindness. 

Launched in the run-up to what was said to be the most dramatic eclipse in 16 years, Essilor enrolled eye mascots to hand out spectacles at the BBC Stargazing Live viewing event at Leicester Racecourse. It also urged viewers of the eclipse to ‘practise safe sun’ when viewing it.

In addition, the lens company highlighted offers of free safety glasses through a variety of newspapers, combined with advertising its Crizal UV lenses. The glasses could be picked up from newsstands and supermarkets across the UK and were promoted by radio presenter Chris Evans.

Essilor professional relations manager, Andy Hepworth, said: “No matter what the public is told by opticians, it’s human nature to try to steal a glimpse of a dramatic eclipse. We felt we needed to do something and it was a golden public health education opportunity.”

Mr Hepwoth added: “Of course, protection is not just for an eclipse. Essilor ensures people’s sight is safe all year round. For our Crizal UV lenses, which offer the best UV protection on a clear lens. We are sending out a clear message about UV awareness.”

Last month (20 March), the eclipse blocked out up to 90% of sunlight in the UK between 8.25am and 10.45am. 


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