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Silhouette launches eyewear made in one piece at Mido trade show

06 Mar 2015 by Robina Moss

Silhouette has launched a collection of eyewear which is made in one piece. The Titan One Signature Collection made its international debut at Mido last weekend (28 February 28–2 March).

Described as ‘the next revolution and a true innovation in eyewear design,’ it follows the company’s motto to think differently about eyewear and to always question known eyewear design.

Titan One is typical Silhouette with no screws and no hinges. It is flexible, yet sturdy, with its weight reduced to 3.24 grams. What is new and unique in eyewear design is that the lenses are attached at only one point, with no screws. Both arms and the bridge are made of a single piece of high-tech titanium.

The new eyewear ‘is the culmination of 50 years of eyewear expertise, intensive research and development.’

Head of design at Silhouette, Roland Keplinger, explained: “The Titan One Signature Collection is our masterpiece in which the wearer and the eyewear form a unity. Daring to think about eyewear in a different way and to question what has been learned give rise, despite minimalism, to strong design statements, such as Titan One. It is inspired by the icon of minimalist eyewear design, Titan Minimal Art.”

The eyewear is made in Austria with 170 steps in the production of each frame.

Rupert Spindelbalker, head of research and development at Silhouette in Linz, Austria, said: “When ‘traveling’ through the Titan One, you would see that the profile of the high-tech titanium wire changes 10 times over the course, precisely so that the eyewear fits perfectly everywhere, becoming one with the wearer.”


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