Cosmopolitan launches new spectacles collection

Fifteen styles named after women of style and substance

09 Feb 2015 by Robina Moss

Cosmopolitan, a leading magazine for young women, is launching a new spectacles collection in the UK this month.

The Cosmopolitan range of prescription spectacles for women from Concept Eyewear comprises 15 styles, with a variety of shapes and colours.

Each frame is named after a woman “of style and substance,” according to the company, including the bold silhouette of the 'Angelina', the fun, feminine look of the 'Danni' and the cat’s eye style, 'Scarlett'.

Colours include matt gold, ox-blood red, pink and black, as well as patterned frames, including lace effect and tortoiseshell designs. The new range also features glitter, matt and gloss finishes.

The 'Rihanna' style features Swarovski crystals, snakeskin and a subtle glitter effect. In contrast, the 'Megan' frame features tie-dye inspired acetate in a range of bright colours.

'Danni' draws upon the cool glamour of textured glass in champagne, smoke, Cosmo pink and deep red. The 'Cheryl' style is seen as flirtatious with a square cat’s eye shape and lace screen-printed acetate.

The new 'Jessie' design features 18-carat gold plated studs and a sleek gold plate in black or tortoiseshell and in silver with a transparent waterfall-inspired acetate. 'Scarlett' is the similar sister frame to 'Jessie' but has a gently upswept frame shape.

Equally sophisticated, 'Angelina' is presented with a round, slightly upswept eye shape in black snakeskin, pale gold glitter and red sparkle. 

Exotic feather patterns in striking colour combinations engage the eye in the 'Miley' model, whereas 'Katy' has a jewel-inspired colour palette and a petite, oval eye shape.

Cameron is all about high shine metal and glitter-adorned sides for the party season. Tuning in to the trend for daytime glitz, 'Adele' features pale gold glitter, black sparkle and pink snakeskin.

'Ellie' features a laser-engraved, metallic embroidered effect. For a more masculine sense of style, the 'Heidi' model has an engraved military detail on the front corners of each frame.

Inspired by the slices of colour seen in natural crystals, 'Carrie' is characterised by a series of multi-dimensional acetates, complemented by contemporary, metallic plating on the frame sides.

For more information, visit the Concept Eyewear website.


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