Demand surges for Louis Stone cases

The optical supplier has seen sales of its spectacle cases triple over the last two months, leading the company to consider investing in more equipment and staff

Spectacular Case Collection
Louis Stone
Louis Stone has reported a tripling in sales of its spectacle cases over the last two months and a similar rise in demand for its printed microfibre cloths.

As a result of the increase, the company has introduced an additional two weekend shifts for its printed cases and microfibre cloths.

Managing director of Louis Stone, Paul Gaba, also confirmed the company is now looking to invest in additional machinery and staff.

The optical supplier suggested there could be a number of reasons for this rise, from challenges across the supply chain driving practices to explore their options, to changes in demand.

Gaba commented: “During the pandemic, while practices have had more time to look at their existing case products for quality and price, shortages have arisen with several case companies not ordering from their suppliers due to price increases and the 500%+ rise in freight charges from abroad. Neither are customers prepared to wait five to six months for bespoke printed cases anymore.”

The company has also introduced 10 new case models for 2021, including the Spectacular Collection, which has helped to spark enquiries.

Louis Stone has also noted a similar increase in orders for printed microfibre cloths.

Gaba continued: “As a case company, it is imperative that we maintain the case supply chain and competitive prices for our customers. Every day we are welcoming new and old customers, including several from abroad.”