John Weiss & Son launches new indirect ophthalmoscope in the UK

The Heine Omega 600 Indirect Ophthalmoscope aims to support professionals to provide a “more accurate diagnosis”

 Heine Omega 600 Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Ophthalmic instrument manufacturer, John Weiss & Son, has launched the Heine Omega 600 Indirect Ophthalmoscope in the UK.

The new device features non-reflective glass optics, and provides sharp images with natural colours.

The inclusion of stereoscopic adjustment technology provides 3D imaging available in all pupil sizes, the company said, as well as providing the capability to explore the whole retina, including the far periphery.

The system also includes new visionBoost LED light technology for use with cataract patients. The light is adjustable from 3% to 100%, or up to 245% for cataract examinations.

“This provides more confidence in the diagnosis of patients with media opacities and has been proven to give up to a 20% better view of the retina in patients suffering from cataracts,” the company shared. 

The Omega 600 hosts a light and compact lithium polymer battery, while the cables and electronics are integrated into a durable headband, which the company suggests provides both user comfort and ease of cleaning.

Commenting on the launch of the device, Sam Laidlaw, product manager told OT: “The device boasts integrated cables and electronics and is now the most lightweight high-end indirect ophthalmoscope available worldwide, reducing strain on the neck and spinal column.

“This is a major improvement, which could reduce potential musculoskeletal injuries in the future.”

The company suggested the device could support professionals to provide a “more accurate diagnosis,” with Laidlaw suggesting the inclusion of visionBoost “always provides the best possible view of the entire retina.”