Nikon Optical UK appoints new managing director

Described as a “true advocate for independent opticians,” Jill McLellan will move into the managing director role


Nikon Optical UK has named Jill McLellan as its new managing director, describing the appointment as the “beginning of an exciting new chapter at Nikon.”

Having joined the company as area account manager for London in 2004, McLellan has been with Nikon for over 17 years, taking on a number of positions in this time.

On moving into her new position, McLellan will be the first woman to take the post of managing director, a move the company described as “a wind of promise for the future of equality for Nikon employees.”

Announcing the appointment, Nikon shared: “A familiar face to our customers and partners, and a true advocate for independent opticians, Jill has played a pioneering part in Nikon’s commitment to increasing the number of independent opticians within the premium market segment.”

“She has been pivotal in creating true partnerships, inspiring ambition and connecting professionals with the resources and expertise to challenge and redefine their own business models,” the company added.

Expressing her pride at taking up the position, McLellan said in a statement: “The past year has shone a light on us all and I am honoured in more ways than one to have had the support and interactions of our colleagues, our customers and the Nikon spirit to carry us through the challenging times.”

McLellan highlighted that inclusion and human growth will remain one of her highest priorities for the business in the future. She explained: “Diverse perspectives foster new thinking and I will continually invite those around me to challenge their own opinions and input, to continue to learn and to engage in the opportunities – as will I.”

“As a champion of the ‘learning spirit’ I am inspired by the insights and information from others, leading with knowledge and leaning into other experts to ensure we remain relevant and valuable in an ever-changing market,” McLellan said, adding, “This, along with trust and transparency, are key to promoting a culture of openness and respect.”

Describing her pride for the independent market as “unfaltering,” McLellan shared, “I am excited for us to strengthen and grow the independent community even further, differentiating our partners as the true premium for eye care.”

Hinting that “there are some things I would love to unveil,” McLellan concluded her message by looking to the future, sharing: “I am confident that – along with the close support of our global Nikon team – we will be driving innovation and service beyond expectation and possibility.”