Haag-Streit UK launches new myopia management system

Developed in collaboration with myopia experts, the Lenstar Myopia system could support optometrists in the early detection of myopia

Haag-Streit UK has launched a new myopia management system, Lenstar Myopia, in the UK. The company suggests the system could support the early detection of myopia.  

The Lenstar Myopia system is made up of the Lenstar 900 optical biometer, with EyeSuite Myopia software.

The system has been developed in collaboration with myopia experts to allow optometrists, opticians and ophthalmologists to expand myopia management capabilities, allowing for early detection of the onset of myopia.

In a statement, Haag-Streit UK suggested myopia is “increasing and developing exponentially in children, adolescents and young adults, making early diagnosis vital.”

The compact and customisable EyeSuite Myopia software is based on the latest findings of myopia research and refractive progression trends, axial length growth of the eye and environmental factors, the company said.

Haag-Streit UK suggested precision measurements, primarily of the axial length, support early diagnosis of myopia and its progression in children. The system also integrates factors such as keratometry, refraction data and customisable progression reports.

Graphical visualisations are designed to support in the education of patients and their parents on the prevalence, causes and consequences of myopia, as well as to discuss possible treatments to slow progression.

On the launch, Haag-Streit UK senior product manager, Sam Laidlaw, commented: “Myopia is an increased concern for all eye care professionals and can lead to serious conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma or retinal detachment. This system offers a solution for the increasing demand for myopia management and will help in the fight against myopia.”