Paskal 3D introduces night-driving vision test

The feature simulates conditions when driving in good light, at dusk and at night, to help optometrists meet the eye care needs of motorists as autumn approaches

car in traffic
Pixabay/Ulrike Leone
Paskal 3D has highlighted its new facility to support optometrists in prescribing the most appropriate vision correction for night-time driving.

The patented stereoscopic vision testing facility uses 3D cinema technology to simulate driving conditions through its Com visual acuity (VA) module, with full refraction when driving in good light, at dusk, and at night.

The Paskal 3D Com VA test takes approximately 15 minutes and begins in bright light, before simulating the progression through dusk to darkness, using a cyclist and a pedestrian as test objects.

The company suggests that as the patient’s eyes adapt to the changing light conditions, the system supports the practitioner to prescribe the most suitable lenses.

“Patients who think they need to give up driving at night suddenly realise that with the right glasses they can continue on the road,” commented Carlton Plaatjes, head of Ipro UK, manufacturers of Paskal 3D.

The company suggests that the red/white/green Duochrome test can be used to check whether twilight ametropia is present, while the Com VA Twilight Auto test can be used to find the appropriate VA level or whether visual acuity increases.

After the twilight test, optometrists can check whether adaptation for night vision is achieved, using a cyclist as a test object in the simulation. Testing red/green will help to determine whether there is a refraction error, and if so, the feature will introduce the ‘number plate mode’ of the Night Auto test. Finally, the COM VA Night Pedestrian Visibility test shows an oncoming car from the perspective of a pedestrian.

Describing the testing facility as “very comprehensive,” Mr Plaatjes added, “This is a fast, accurate, way to get results. It is also very innovative and a real talking point amongst patients who enjoy the experience of a test using Paskal 3D.”