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Cerium to sponsor visual stress training day in London

The course is designed to appeal to practitioners who are experienced in visual stress and those who are new to the specialism

31 Jul 2019 by Andrew McClean

Cerium Visual Technologies will sponsor a training course on visual stress at the Institute of Optometry on 18 October.

The education event in London will cover the identification and diagnosis of visual stress, as well as prescribing coloured overlays and precision tinted lenses.

The course is run in partnership with the International Institute of Colorimetry and the Institute of Optometry.

Organiser of the event, Professor Bruce Evans, said: “The course title Helping children who have symptoms when reading describes the goal of the course. Up to a quarter of children who struggle to read, report visual symptoms. For these cases, an optometric intervention can alleviate the visual component of their difficulties. The optometrist has a duty to seek any intervention that is likely to help, and this may include managing refractive errors, orthoptic anomalies and visual stress.”

The course is designed to appeal to practitioners who are experienced in visual stress and those who are new to the specialism.

“Novices will receive the training necessary to enable them to start working in this field, while experienced practitioners will have the opportunity to have peer review discussions of real cases seen in optometric practice,” Professor Evans added.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to use Cerium’s Colorimeter Curve, which helps practitioners prescribe tinted lenses.

Speaking about the device, director of technical services at Cerium, Claire Miller, said: “Cerium provides full training at installation of the Colorimeter. This includes clinical assessment, the language used to describe visual stress and how to communicate expectations to patients and family. All members of the practice are encouraged to join training to gain a broad understanding of the process and to ensure understanding of the correct terminology when speaking to prospective patients.”

For further information on the training course, visit the event’s website.


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