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Ocuco offers augmented reality eyewear tool

The tool is designed to make the patient’s in-store journey more efficient

18 Jul 2019 by Andrew McClean

Ocuco is now offering its customers FittingBox's FitMix, a virtual frame try-on tool that patients can use on a practice’s website.

The augmented reality technology creates a mirror image with face tracking and real-time software with patients using a webcam or a selfie to try different eyewear at home.

Ocuco explained that the tool is designed to make the patient’s in-store journey more efficient as patients will have visited the practice’s website and tried on eyewear before their visit.

OmniChannel director at Ocuco, Andy Chance-Hill, said: “Consumer demand continues to grow in augmented reality experience for filling the gap between real and digital world. FitMix technology ensures that patients experience a realistic frame virtual try-on, all from the comfort and convenience of their own home.”

“It’s also available on mobile and tablet for patients on the move. Practices reap the benefits of having an interactive website to draw in and keep patients engaged, even when their practice is closed,” he added.

Ocuco highlighted a Retail Perceptions report, which found that 77% of shoppers want to use augmented reality to see product differences such as a change of colour or style.


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