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Developing DemEx

Optometrist at Classic Eyes, Craig Wilcox (pictured) talks to OT  about the development of DemEx eyelid cleansing foam

18 Jul 2019 by Andrew McClean

Why did you decide to create DemEx?

We created DemEx because there was no readily available foaming product with sufficient strength against demodex.

How did your experience as an optometrist inform the development of DemEx?

As an optometrist, I have particular interest in eyelid and adnexa health and hygiene. Not only for the role this plays in the management of dry eye conditions but also the day-to-day comfort for contact lens wearers and even for those wearing eye makeup, or those who are exposed to challenging environments during work or play.

How was the product developed?

DemEx was the result of over three years of formulation testing and meeting regulatory standards. We trialled a few tea tree oil shampoo products in various strengths to test efficacy and comfort. The consistency was a problem as it got into the eye and caused discomfort, so we decided to trial a foaming product. Once we had the correct strength and a more comfortable vehicle, we went ahead with producing DemEx.

All of our practice staff and some good friends kindly helped us to trial the product. Initially we suggested putting the foam onto a cotton wool pad and then gently patting it on the lashes, but they reported back that it was easier to use their fingertips, giving them more control and an even distribution.

“DemEx was the result of over three years of formulation testing and meeting regulatory standards”

How would you describe the product and who is it designed for?

DemEx is a gentle natural daily cleanser which is especially effective against demodex. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties. DemEx is an excellent facial cleanser and has a wide variety of uses for patients. It is effective against demodex with the benefit of being gentle on the skin. Patients with rosacea find it especially calming.

What does it do?

DemEx is a foaming cleanser consisting of a synergistic blend of a number of plant origin ingredients developed to promote healthy skin and eyelids. It is effective against both demodex follicular (blepharitis on the lash follicles) and demodex brevis (meibomian gland) conditions. In addition, it has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity while remaining non-irritating to the skin. The active ingredients are T40 standardised tea tree oil extract and salicylic derivatives.

What makes DemEx different from other products on the market?

DemEx is different because it is so easy to use. It is a very versatile product with several uses including for conditions such as blepharitis, demodex blepharitis, rosacea blepharitis and seborrheic blepharitis.

It can also be used as a gentle eyelid and lash cleaner or for makeup removal. DemEx can be used as a face wash and makes a great anti-bacterial skin cleanser. It is especially beneficial for allergic skin conditions. A number of patients use it as part of their regular beauty routine.

We get a lot of positive feedback from patients, not only because they have access to a practice that treats demodex but also because we stock an effective and reasonably priced product that is quick and easy to use.


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