Optometrist launches eyelid cleanser

DemEx is a foaming cleanser made from a plant-based formula

DemEx bottle
DemEx eyelid cleanser has been launched by optometrist at Classic Eyes in Devon, Craig Wilcox.

Distributed by Positive Impact, DemEx is designed to control demodex blepharitis, ocular rosacea and seborrheic blepharitis, as well as meibomiam gland conditions.

The foaming cleanser is free of allergens and includes a plant-based formula with T40, which is derived from tea tree oil.

Positive Impact explained that through gentle massage, DemEx removes harmful micro-organisms from the eyelids, lash follicles and eyebrows.

Optometrist and creator of DemEx, Mr Wilcox, said: “We decided to develop DemEx due to a lack of similar strength solutions available locally. We trialled DemEx for over a year and find it to be well tolerated and effective.”