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Thomson Software to supply test charts to Moorfields

The computer-based test charts will be installed at Moorfields Eye Hospital, as well as its satellite site

11 Feb 2019 by Emily McCormick

Thomson Software Solutions has successfully secured a contract to supply its computer-based test charts to Moorfields Eye Hospital.

The test charts will be installed at Moorfields’ main Old Street site in London, as well as its satellite sites.

It will take three years to implement the contract, which will involve replacing all back-illuminated Snellen charts with the latest Thomson Test Chart.

Originally developed by Professor David Thomson, the Thomson Test Chart is installed in over 8000 test rooms across the UK, as well as in many hospital eye departments.

Speaking about the contract, Professor Thomson said: “We are very pleased that one of the best-known eye hospitals in the world has decided to install our test charts. We have worked very hard to ensure that our test charts are at the cutting edge of vision assessment while maintaining the user-friendly interface that has made the charts so popular.”


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