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UV protection with every lens

Zeiss hosted customer engagement event in London to discuss UVProtect technology

Dr Pixie McKenna and Boris Dejonckheere

Zeiss has introduced UVProtect technology across its entire lens portfolio. This means that all clear, all-day spectacle lenses that are manufactured by Zeiss offer the wearer protection against UV rays up to 400nm.

The development was completed this month after the company initially introduced the advancement to its clear plastic lenses earlier this year.

To mark the occasion, Zeiss hosted a customer engagement event in London’s Leadenhall Building on Tuesday evening (28 August).

Special guests included Dr Pixie McKenna, of Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, who is supporting Zeiss’ UV awareness campaign and promoting better understanding of the effects of UV radiation on the eyes.

Taking to the stage, Dr McKenna, urged practitioners to talk to their patients about UV all year round.

“It’s important to get across to patients that UV damage to the eyes is cumulative and often irreversible. Chronic conditions are deceptive because they happen very slowly, and patients are unlikely to notice the changes as they happen,” she emphasised.

Delegates at Zeiss UVProtect event

Vice president of sales development for rapidly emerging markets at Zeiss, Boris Dejonckheere, explained that “Zeiss UVProtect technology means that anyone who wears glasses can be fully and effortlessly protected – all day, every day.”

However, Mr Dejonckheere highlighted that it is of pivotal importance for practitioners to explain the importance of UV protection for the eyes to patients, as well as the technology used in these lenses. He stressed that research has shown that when a consumer is aware of a product’s benefits, they will pay more for it.

During the evening, practitioners had the opportunity to take part in six interactive workshops, including a photo screen that highlighted the UV protective difference between a Zeiss lens and a standard lens, and a virtual reality game that simulated the vision of a person with cataracts.

Optometrist and practice director at Ivan R Cammack Optometrists, Ivan Cammack, said: “I had never realised the extent of the protection gap on most standard 1.5 index clear lenses.”

“I see this as a real opportunity to educate patients and provide sunglass-level UV protection all year round,” he added.