Behind the brand

A modern approach

Managing director of Cerium Visual Technologies, Kimberley Harrison, explains to OT  that optometry is in the midst of a digital revolution

Child having a sight test

Can you tell me three interesting facts about the company?

  1. Cerium Visual Technologies is based in the Kent countryside and has been since the inception of the company 25 years ago
  2. From small beginnings, the company now supports intuitive colorimetry practitioners in 19 countries internationally, including South Korea, Namibia and Malaysia
  3. The company was born out of a relationship with the Medical Research Council and now has a similar relationship with the University of Essex to ensure academic expertise is at the heart of all we do.

What are the company’s main ambitions for the next 12 months?

The company has very recently launched a brand new digital instrument – the Intuitive Colorimeter Curve – and our strategy focuses on growing the UK market, raising awareness of colorimetry and rolling out the Curve internationally. It’s an exciting time.

"Consumers increasingly expect a modern approach from eye care professionals and the market is responding accordingly"

Looking at how technology is evolving and affecting optics, what are your predictions for the market?

We believe technology is becoming more and more important in optics. We are in the midst of a digital revolution and no business can afford to be complacent when technology is evolving at such a pace. Consumers increasingly expect a modern approach from eye care professionals and the market is responding accordingly.

What are the current challenges that you feel optics is facing and why?

We’ve seen a real shift in strategic practice management in response to changing consumer attitudes. It’s no longer enough to simply wait for consumers to come to you. Practices tell us that they increasingly need to differentiate themselves, market themselves and provide a consumer experience that will encourage patients to return.

Cerium colourimeter

From your market research, what are customers looking for in colorimetry? 

Our customers tell us that colorimetry is increasingly being requested by patients. By offering the service, practices solidify relationships with local schools, colleges and universities, opening up referral streams and emphasising the place of the practice at the heart of the local community. Colorimetry gives practices an opportunity to offer something really quite unique.

What training or support are you offering to practitioners?

Practitioners are given full hands-on training at time of installation. Additional in-house training is also available on request. CET-accredited colorimetry seminars are run in conjunction with the Institute of Optometry and the Independent International organisation for Certification bi-annually. We pride ourselves on always being available at the end of the phone if practitioners need support with day-to-day queries.

Are there any exciting innovations or activities going on at the company that you can share with OT?

The recent launch of the brand new Intuitive Colorimeter Curve (pictured above) is our big news. The fully digital system marks a huge step-change in the way that colorimetry assessments are administered. Our partnership with the University of Essex is also something that we are extremely proud of. We’re not standing still though, so watch this space.