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A holistic approach to sustainability

A new report from Zeiss aims to support its existing company values

09 Feb 2018 by Andrew McClean

Zeiss has published its first sustainability report, which highlights how the optical manufacturer is taking action in five areas.

The report details the measures that are being taken by Zeiss in a number of areas, including: integrity and compliance, products and the value chain, the environment, employees, and societal and social engagement.

Zeiss said that sustainable action and long-term value are anchored in its mission statement and the publication of this report supports that. 

President and CEO of Zeiss, Professor Dr Michael Kaschke, explained that its success is a result of sustainable, responsible action that is founded on its strategy, brand and values. 

“We can proudly look back on 170 years of tradition characterised by ever more sustainable value added. Only by continuing to see our responsibility holistically can we ensure Zeiss remains successful,” he said. 

The company shared that in the fiscal year 2016–17, it produced 46% fewer CO2 emissions, and provided over €540,000 (£475,000) in funding to approximately 120 projects.

Some of the measures detailed in the report include: improving the sustainability performance of its products and services, as well as in the supply chain; improving patient quality of life through solutions and new standards in optometry and medical technology; and more economical use of all natural resources to protect the environment. 


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