BIB achieves ISO accreditation

The ophthalmic instruments supplier adjusted its supply and quality control procedures to meet the standard

03 Nov 2017 by Andrew McClean

BIB Ophthalmic Instruments has achieved the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.

The certification recognises the company’s ability to provide products and services that meet customer, statutory and regulatory requirements.

CEO of BIB, Tim Baker, told OT that the company is very proud to have achieved the certification.

“We set out to tighten up in areas, such as supply and quality control, and to bring it up to this standard. We thought this was absolutely essential,” he said.

BIB achieved the standard in two and a half months by introducing new procedures and amending existing procedures to ensure that all operations are traceable and accountable.

Mr Baker explained that the larger companies that BIB supplies to had started to ask whether or not the company was ISO accredited.

“The awareness is increasing and we thought that it was time to get our ducks in line,” he said.

“It’s starting to be incorporated into their procedures when they’re looking at new and existing suppliers, and in extreme cases they’re saying, ‘you need to be ISO certified if we are going to deal with you’,” he added.

Speaking about the importance of achieving ISO certification, Mr Baker said: “It’s definitely a feather in a supplier’s cap if they are certified and do meet this standard.”

“It’s going to give you kudos as a business to go forward and say, ‘yes, we abide by it and we do separate audits every year to ensure that it is maintained’,” he said.

BIB has set itself the challenge to maintain the accreditation through to year two, when the company will have its second audit. 


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