A quarter of people feel uncomfortable during sight tests

A Mainline Instruments survey has revealed the parts of a sight test that people dislike the most

Mainline eye test

Mainline Instruments has revealed the results of a new survey, which found that 26% of people feel ‘uncomfortable’ during a sight test.

The survey also revealed that 5% of respondents are made to feel ‘uneasy’ or ‘on edge’ when visiting the opticians.  

The ophthalmic instruments and accessories supplier surveyed 956 people to highlight their reactions to the key procedures involved.

Over half of respondents said the air puff test was the most uncomfortable part of a sight test, followed by having their personal space invaded (26%).

The field test was highlighted by 14% of respondents and 10% dislike wearing the heavy trial frames.

However, 69% described having a sight test as a ‘good experience’ and Mainline also revealed that only 23% said these things would ‘definitely’ or ‘sometimes’ deter them from booking or attending an appointment.  

The results of the survey have been revealed ahead of National Eye Health Week (18–24 September).

Director at Mainline Instruments, Simon Hawkins, said: “The technology that supports eye tests is improving all of the time and can, in some instances, help to overcome some of these barriers.”

“Having an eye test is extremely important and we would encourage everyone to commit to booking a test with their optician at least once every two years,” he added.