Sleep tight

Hycosan Night offers night-time relief for dry eye sufferers

Hycosan Night

Hycosan Night is a new soft paraffin that has been formulated to relieve discomfort of night-time dry eye.

The ointment is preservative-free, contains vitamin A, and is designed to keep eyes comfortable and hydrated for up to six hours, the company told OT.

Optometrist and dry eye specialist, Sarah Farrant, explains that a lack of hydration can be to blame for eyes that feel dry and uncomfortable during the night and first thing in the morning.

“Blinking helps to spread hydrating tears over our eyes and during the night we stop blinking, which can cause extremely dry and sore eyes. Our eye lids don’t always fully close during sleep either, which can lead to a dry crescent forming along the bottom of our eyelids,” Ms Farrant said.

Hycosan Night remains sterile for six months from opening, and each 5g tube contains enough ointment for 300 applications.