“A feast for the eyes”

PR campaign to support Macu-Save launched, highlighting the importance of eye health to the over-50s

Macu-Save supplement

Zeon Healthcare Ltd, owners of the recently launched macular eye health supplement Macu-Save, has announced details of a PR campaign to raise awareness of the link between nutrition and good eye health amongst the over-50s.

The Macu-Save campaign, A feast for the eyes, will include national radio and media broadcast coverage, endorsed by a celebrity, highlighting the benefits of good nutrition and the role supplements can play in relation to macular health, together with targeted regional press and radio competitions.

Managing director of Zeon Healthcare, Laurence Smith, told OT: “We are delighted with the successful launch of Macu-Save and the tremendous response we have received from our national press advertising campaign, Don’t turn a blind eye to macular damage. A clinically proven formulation supported by a substantial marketing investment has proven to be a winning combination for us.”

He added: “We now feel more needs to be done to raise awareness amongst the over-50s as to how they can improve their macular health and protect their central vision through good nutrition and the correct supplementation. Which is why Macu-Save is planning to launch such an ambitious PR campaign to directly engage with the 50 plus market over this important subject.”

The Macu-Save brand will continue to be supported by the Don’t turn a blind eye to macular damage campaign, together with in-store promotional activity including point-of-sale and consumer literature.

Macu-Save is a once-a-day, macular eye health supplement, containing meso-zeaxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin. The company said that the formulation has been developed to improve macular eye health and to help combat the early signs of age-related macular degeneration, by “enriching the macular pigment and protecting the macula against the oxidative stress.”

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