One of a kind

Systane Balance drops are designed for evaporative dry eye

Systane eye drops

As the only eye drops containing lipid in the UK, Systane Balance is specifically designed to “supplement and stabilise the lipid layer of the tear film of evaporative dry eye patients,” its manufacturer highlights.  

Developed with evaporative dry eye patients in mind, Systane Balance contains Alcon’s LipiTech System with HP-Guar, borate, sorbitol and propylene glycol. Once applied, the manufacturer explained, the eye drops spread across the patient’s damaged ocular surface to provide immediate lubrication and fast acting relief for the user. It will also form a protective barrier to ensure long-lasting protection.    

The company added that when a break occurs in the patient’s lipid layer, components in Systane Balance are able to move towards the outer layer of the tear film so they can fuse with existing lipids to supplement and stabilise any gaps.