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Louis Stone supports optometry students through its sponsorship of their Eyeballs

Optometry students at the Eyeballs celebration

Louis Stone has been supporting optometry students across the UK by donating a range of prizes that can be used in raffles at their end of year Eyeballs.

The business has invested more than £1000 in the last week, providing prizes to Cardiff, City, Bradford, Ulster, Plymouth and Manchester universities, as well as the Dublin Institute of Technology. It will show the same level of support to undergraduates at Anglia Ruskin and Glasgow Caledonian universities at their upcoming Eyeball celebrations.

Prizes donated by Louis Stone have ranged from retinoscopy racks, prism bars and flippers, to bracelets, bottle openers and pens.

Grateful for the support, a spokesperson for the University of Bradford’s Optometry Society said: “We would like to extend a massive thank you to Louis Stone for its generosity donating a set of three flippers, which went towards our charity raffle and helped us to raise £150 – they were very sought after by all the students.”