New partnership ‘a milestone for ocular surface medicine’

Distribution deal on cutting edge regenerative treatment made from human-derived amniotic membrane


Altacor, an ophthalmic product specialist, and NuVision Biotherapies, a regenerative wound treatment company, have announced the signing of a strategic partnership to distribute the sight-saving therapy, Omnigen, in England, Scotland and Wales.

Through the agreement, Altacor will act as the exclusive distributor for the Omnigen product range to healthcare customers, with NuVision providing technical, scientific and clinical support.

The arrangement is said to be a milestone for ocular surface medicine and for the future development and distribution of personalised regenerative therapies.

Omnigen is a groundbreaking, patented, dry preparation of human-derived amniotic membrane, made from the sac surrounding the baby during pregnancy.

The Tereo manufacturing process transforms the waste product of birth into a sterile and stable dry regenerative therapy that can be transported easily anywhere in the world.

The process improves the wound-healing action and provides surgeons with an effective sight-saving therapy for patients, including those suffering from serious sight-destroying ocular surface diseases and conditions.

Omnigen is applied directly to the wound dry and is rapidly rehydrated using surrounding moisture to immediately reactivate its beneficial properties to promote tissue repair and healing.

The product is said by the companies to represent a unique and versatile off-the-shelf regenerative therapy that can be stored long term, and is administered without tissue matching, or the need for immune suppression.

Altacor chief executive, Dr Francesca Crawford, said: “This is a very significant partnership for Altacor, which further expands our portfolio in the ophthalmic surgical area.”

Dr Crawford added: “Omnigen is a fascinating and pioneering product which we are delighted to be working with, especially in light of the multiplicity of applications and the potential for sight-saving.”

NuVision Biotherapies, based in MediCity, Boots Campus, Nottingham, is a regenerative medicine company that developed from the academic research group, Academic Ophthalmology, at the University of Nottingham.

It was established in 2015 to develop and bring to market cutting edge regenerative therapies, initially focusing on treating front of the eye disease and trauma.

NuVision founder and chief executive, Dr Andrew Hopkinson, said: “Since our launch, we have already demonstrated significant successes in a small number of NHS and private hospitals in England, using Omnigen to help restore and retain patients’ sight. Surgeons have found Omnigen to be extremely convenient, easy to use, and effective in the treatment of ocular surface disorders.

“Through this partnership we will widen access to Omnigen across Great Britain, helping clinicians to save sight and the NHS to save money.

“We are excited to be working with Altacor. Together, we look forward to offering this groundbreaking regenerative therapy and high quality personal service to every ophthalmic surgeon in Great Britain.”