Tall tails for displaying spectacles

Optipets launches giraffe range to brighten up practice windows

Optipets giraffe display models

Optipets has launched a new display range of its spectacles holders.

The Lincoln-based manufacturer of optical displays and gifts has launched a giraffe set of holders standing over 18 inches high and made of cloth and metal.

Managing director of Optipets, Alan Kasmir, told OT: “The display set of giraffes has proved very popular.

“The idea for display pieces is to make people stop and look in the practice window and the giraffes most certainly do that,” he explained.

Mr Kasmir added: “Practices that bought the set of three giraffes have given extremely positive feedback on the pieces as they look so striking and different. They have definitely brought people in off the street.”

The giraffes range is in addition to a new fork and spoon set of spectacles holders.

The new collections join a frog range and a ‘soccer noses’ range, as well as an animal selection of spectacles holders that are also piggy banks.

For more information, telephone 0798 492 3383 or visit the Optipets website.