Omega Eye Liquid supplement launched 'to aid patient compliance'

Scope Ophthalmics’ nutritional development offered in once-a-day serving for dry eye disease

28 Jul 2016 by Robina Moss

Scope Ophthalmics Omega Eye LiquidScope Ophthalmics has launched Omega Eye Liquid, a nutritional supplement designed to improve the symptoms of dry eye disease and to aid patient compliance.

The launch follows research released by Scope Ophthalmics that shows that only 12% of dry eye disease sufferers currently take an omega-3 supplement, despite studies proving the efficacy of treating the condition from the inside.

Of those who do take omega-3, 40% rely on own-brand products, despite rating ‘healthcare practitioner recommended’ as twice as important as price.

The company is highlighting that Omega Eye Liquid offers the essential omega-3 fatty acids in one convenient serving.

The liquid product was launched in response to low adherence rates for healthcare provider-recommended omega-3 supplements are low, highlighting the importance of a minimally required dose.

Scope Ophthalmics marketing manager, Paul O’Reilly, said: “As patients become increasingly educated and aware of the importance of nutrition, many optometrists look for high-quality dietary supplements to improve their patients’ eye health, and Scope is proud to be supporting practitioners in this way.

“Omega Eye Liquid, thanks to its formulation and once-a-day convenient serving, allows optometrists to be confident that they’re providing the best quality supplement.”

Practitioner perspective

Specialist optometrist, Ian Cameron, said: "Patients are often well aware that omega-3 is important for healthy blood, joints and bones, yet many are unaware of the well-researched benefits of omega-3 for general eye health.

“As optometrists, omega-3 is a great way to promote healthy eyes, reduce the risk of dry eye disease and blepharitis, and as some studies suggest, macular degeneration.

“Raising awareness of the importance of high quality supplements is the first step for optometrists wishing to help patients care for their eyes in the long term."

For more information, visit the Scope Ophthalmics website.


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